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The village of Nimmitabel is 1070 metres above sea level and located southeast of Cooma.  A charming historic village on the Monaro plains steeped in farming history.  For over a century it has been one of the premium wool growing  areas in NSW. 


Nimmitabel is an Aboriginal word for the ‘dividing of the waters’.  It marks the place where southern waters flow into the Snowy River and the northern waters flow into the Murrumbidgee



Today, Nimmitabel is a central location from which you can  discover some of the delights of southern NSW.  Nestled amongst the beauty of the Monaro, Nimmitabel is the gateway to  Wadbilliga and South East Forests National Parks.


The unusual landscape surrounding Nimmitabel leaves a lasting impression on visitors.  The special landscape and light and panoramic views are an artist’s and photographer’s   dream!!


The vast, high natural treeless plains west of Nimmitabel allow  expansive 360 degree views as you wind through the basalt  countryside on your way to the Snowy Mountains and Kosciuszko National Park.  Monolithic granite boulders protrude like gigantic sculptures in the sparse bush landscape.  


Travel southeast to Pipers Lookout where the view of Bega Valley will take your breath away.  Meander along the boardwalk and forest tracks to discover cool temperate rainforests and the beauty of brown barrel old growth eucalypts.   Some trees are up to three  meters in diameter.

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