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Nimmitabel Public School

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Nimmitabel Public School provides a safe and happy environment in which students are encouraged to achieve their full potential. The school has served the Nimmitabel district for 131 years and is a focus for community activity. Because of our relative isolation the students are able to participate in programs funded by the Country Areas Program.

The school's primary aim is to develop and enhance each child's potential in a supportive, caring and secure environment. We achieve this through: continued emphasis on the basic skills.

The school's priority is to meet the needs of all students; participation in celebrating community events and providing opportunities for the community to become involved in the school's academic and social activities; and a positive and child centered welfare and discipline policy that emphasises the K-6 inclusive nature of our school in all areas.

Another thing with Nimmitabel School is the variety of activities that the kids can participate in through a lot of ways from learning to sporting and everything in between.

To enrol at this great little school or for more information please contact us on the below forms:

Address: 1 Wolfe Street Nimmitabel NSW 2631

Telephone: 02 6454 6205


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